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My name is Carrie Cane.  

I am an attractive woman in my mid-thirties who understands that at times people need to experience old-fashioned discipline similar to the kind that they experienced, or should have experienced at the hands of their mother.

What this means, in simple English is that I spank adult men and woman who require spankings to enhance their lives or would like to try spanking.

All the spankings I administer are consensual and NOTHING takes place which is not agreed to between you and I. I AM NOT into "bondage" or heavy punishment.

I decided to start spanking professionally after reading a spanking personal ad. Many of the men and women who post spanking personals with their offer to "spank" - are just looking for another excuse for sex with a different "turn on".

Spanking requires skill and great experience in order to make sure that the event turns into exactly what YOU, the client requires.

August 26 - September 26 Minneapolis, MN.

Why do people want to be spanked?

For many men and women, there is a feeling of guilt over something they have done in their lives and for which they have not been found out. These people often harbour this guilt feeling until they can purge it in some way. Spanking can often be the catharsis for them. It finally allows them to put the problem behimd them, having accepted punishment.

Other clients clients feel that they would like to be held accountable for things they do wrong as adults.....spanking allows them to do that. They are punished, and the slate is wiped clean.Yet others enjoy the spanking for its ownsake as a stimulus or a relaxing experience.


Please let me stress that EVERTHING between my clients and I are confidential. I like to discuss your wishes on the phone fist and ascertain what you require. Everything must be agreed between the client and I in advance.

I am a Disciplinarian

 I am not your mistress, nor am I interested in someone to "serve me" or a "live in slave".  I will not be involved in bathroom activities, blood, children or animals.

Please understand also that there will be NO sexual contact whatsover


If you are interested in a session with me, please email me at the address below.

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