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  Spousal Spanking/Domestic Discipline Relationships
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Spousal Spanking/DD

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Spousal Spankings

There are many instances where a spouse or significant other wants to be spanked and and the other is either reluctant or not experienced enough to administer these spankings. I am available to either administer the spanking while the spouse or significant other watches or teach HOW to administer a spanking.


  Domestic Discipline....Head of Household Relationships
Tradition as well as biblical law state that society accept the male as the head of household...that he deal with domestic disputes in a strict and caring manner. Would you like to begin a Domestic Discipline Relationship and do not know where to start? If so, I would be very happy to counsel you and your spouse on how to begin a Domestic Discipline Relationship.

I will assist you in developing a Spanking Plan which will establish causes that will produce a spanking, establish rules and regulations relative to the spanking itself, as well as outline a Spanking Agreement.

I have also found with other clients that there are times when the Head of Household is not available to administer discipline due to a busy schedule, being out of town, or that fact that there are children in the home. I am also available to administer the discipline that the head of household requires with the consent of the person I am spanking.